I’m so excited to see one after hearing about them on the radio.

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I always get anxious when I see comics or posts with Big Tough Artists Speaking From Tough Love. You know the kind, the ones that are like “DO IT DO IT DO IT GIVE UP EVERYTHING DO IT WORK WORK HAVE NO LIFE WORK.” They have their place, and it’s absolutely true. To improve, it…

While art is a huge source of happiness, entertainment, satisfaction/fulfillment, encouragement, catharsis, excitement, identity and many other things… I have an unspoken promise to myself; I will never let it consume me. Creativity is like a flame, you have to tend to it, make things, produce and share otherwise it’ll go out. Too much and you’ll burn up, burn everything around you and then be out for good. You’ll be spent.

I always try to shrug off the label ‘artist’. I don’t want to give it everything I got, every second of my life, I don’t want it to be my whole life. I want a balanced life filled with many experiences beyond the stereotypical artist. I hope you do too.

I just remembered this existed again.
Thank you James.

I just remembered this existed again.

Thank you James.

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Now that you have met my demands, I can reveal the surprise!

John Dilworth and Cartoon Network will be making two half hour Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoons in 2015. One will be a Halloween special, and the other will be for the winter season.

More updates on that eventually!


Hey everybody this is John Dilworth’s official tumblr and this is happening.






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